A new decade 2020!

What a great time to set language goals and to reach your potential!

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Its quite amazing!!! I really liked the way the couch taught me. I m very pleased. Thanx everybody. Bbyeee
Sir Bill is the MAN! I cannot believe what I just experienced...he is gifted and am lucky to have him as a coach. Thanks
Thanks to you, reading English newspaper is very interesting and I can learn lots of new words. Thanks!!!
I like the commitment to getting it right
You are a great teacher!
Very patient and dedicated teacher!!
Had a great chat. Really enjoyed talking with you.
I've enjoyed it very much.
Very nice lesson and great explaination from the coach. keep up
Thanks very much for the lesson it was nice to talk to you! I hope to do it again sometime soon
thank you for your helpful way and your good moral i hope ican complete lessons with you
Thank You nice talk to you. Sugoy!
You are very good tacher. I learned a lot today.
It was great fun learning English with her
Reading newspaper with you is always good way to my vocaburary buiding. Thank you !!
Thanks for useful informations. Website of New York Times may be a good resource to learn English for me.
Excellent and exciting lesson it was!! Thank you.
He was enthusiastic in all the activities, and he was helping me along the sesión. I recommend him to learn English.
It was very good, I will recommend you to other my friends.
Thanks to your lesson, I can learn new words relating to health. I will keep my note with those new words. Thanks!!
thank you very much you are perfect
I very appreciated about your lesson and chatting with me,and i hope to got the professional training and imporve more!
very kind teacher,always answer me any question about the english.
Very good teacher. perfessional and kind. thanks so much.
kind and patient teacher.remedied my pronunciation again and again.
well-trained man,i like to talk to.
thanks for your patience and your careful heart.you let me like english more than before
thanks for spending your time sir^^you're really a nice teacher to talk to^^ take care
wonderful coach



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