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Preview: Audio 201 Week 2

Download the MP3 on the topic of "Food and Dining". There are 3 different tracks on the audio called "Golf", "Get Creative" and "Wizards Course". Do one track at a time and master it before you try the next track! Do track 1 on Day 1, Track 2 on Day 3 and Track 3 on Day 5. Now book this lesson with your coach to practice speaking about the audio topics on Day 7.



  1. Let's discuss the audio "How Delicious"
  2. Tell me about food in New Zealand such as Pavlova, Lamb, Kina, (Sea Urchin) Hangi.
  3. So tell me about food in your country. What 's popular? What's traditional? What's a delicacy? How do you prepare the food? What about drinks that are specific to your country? Can you describe Black Pudding? What festival is important in your country and what food is prepared and eaten?
  4. Let's talk about the audio, Groceries.