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Preview: Audio 201 Week 1

Download the MP3 on the topic of "People". There are 3 different tracks on the audio called "Old Friends", "Meet My Sister" and "Famous Leaders". Do one track at a time and master it before you try the next track! Do track 1 on Day 1, Track 2 on Day 3 and Track 3 on Day 5. Now book this lesson with your coach to practice speaking about the audio topics on Day 7.



  1. Tell me in your own words about the audio "Old Friends"
  2. Where is David from? What's his surname? What does OE mean? Where did he go to school? Who got married? Where did they get married? What was the coincidence?
  3. Who is your best friend? How old is she/he? What does he/she look like? What does he/she like? (hobbies, interests). What school does/did your friend go to? What does your friend do? What do you like most about your friend? Have you been overseas (or on a holiday in your country)? Where did you go? What did you do? What was a famous place you visited?
  4. Let's talk about the audio, Meet My Sister.