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Preview: Audio 101 Week 3

Download the MP3 on the topic of "Travel". There are 3 different tracks on the audio called "Booking Flights", "At the Airport" and "Careful What You Pack". Do one track at a time and master it before you try the next track! Do track 1 on Day 1, Track 2 on Day 3 and Track 3 on Day 5. Now book this lesson with your coach to practice speaking about the audio topics on Day 7.



  1. Tell me in your own words about the audio "Booking Flights".
  2. AUDIO 1 Where do they want to go? When do they need to arrive? Why are they traveling? How much are the tickets? Are there any stopovers?
  3. Have you ever been overseas? What countries would you like to visit and why? What airlines do you prefer and why? What's the best part about traveling? What's the worst part? Can you describe some famous places I could visit in your country?
  4. Describe what happens in the audio "At the Airport"