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Preview: Audio 101 Week 2

Download the MP3 on the topic of "Entertainment". There are 3 different tracks on the audio called "Blade and Anime", "Doom and Gloom" and "The Secret". Do one track at a time and master it before you try the next track! Do track 1 on Day 1, Track 2 on Day 3 and Track 3 on Day 5. Now book this lesson with your coach to practice speaking about the audio topics on Day 7.



  1. Tell me in your own words about the audio "Blade and Anime".
  2. AUDIO 1 What did they go to see? Why couldn't they get tickets? What movie did they end up seeing? What movie do they talk about? Who is the main actor? What's the new release? Who stars in it?
  3. Describe a movie you enjoyed. Tell me about your favourite actor and actress. Tell me the names of popular actors, actresses/actors in your country. What foreign actors/actresses do you know? What's a popular movie in your country? How much is it to go to the movies? What's a movie you didn't like? Why?
  4. Describe what happens in the audio "Doom and Gloom"