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Preview: Audio 101 Week 1

Download the MP3 on the topic of "Interests". There are 3 different tracks on the audio called "Golf", "Get Creative" and "Wizards Course". Do one track at a time and master it before you try the next track! Do track 1 on Day 1, Track 2 on Day 3 and Track 3 on Day 5. Now book this lesson with your coach to practice speaking about the audio topics on Day 7.



  1. Tell me in your own words about the audio "Golf".
  2. AUDIO 1 What was the conversation about? What's a pro? What was the score? Does he have a handicap? How long ago did he play? What other sports is he good at? Why is he too busy to play? When will they play together?
  3. Describe what happens in the audio "Get Creative"
  4. AUDIO 2 What does the person do in their spare time? Why don't they do what they love now? What do they do instead? Why does time fly fast? What does the other person do in their spare time? Why is that strange? Why does she do it?