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Preview: Audio 101 Free Trial

Use your free bonus student lesson in the Audio Mini Trial to book a live coach and talk about the topics on your free audios. If you like this fast and easy English speaking method, then book a 5 week course for only $63.75! That's 13 audios and 5 live skype lessons with a coach! It's fast, easy and quick to do. We will give you your money back if you are not satisfied - 100% guaranteed.



  1. Tell me in your own words about the audio "Hi There".
  2. AUDIO 1 What was the conversation about? Where is the student from and what is he studying? Does he like the country? Has he been anywhere interesting? Where does the woman recommend he visit? Has the woman been to China?
  3. Where are you from? What do you do there? What's an interesting place to visit? Do you like your country? Have you ever been to another country? Tell me about learning English.
  4. Describe what happens in the audio "Small Talk"